Sustainable Management

Business success extends beyond the accomplishment of immediate objectives; it involves the establishment of sustainable outcomes for the future.
TMT Steel Public Company Limited (TMT)
Our commitment involves conducting business in accordance with sustainable development principles, with a dedicated focus on key areas:

In the corporate governance aspect

TMT acknowledges the paramount significance of good corporate governance, underpinned by ethical and moral principles, in our business conduct. We have instituted various policies to guarantee that responsibilities are executed with a commitment to responsibility, vigilance, and integrity. This approach ensures the effectiveness of our business operations and steadfast adherence to the principles of good corporate governance over time.

In the economic aspect

TMT conducts its business under the principles of good corporate governance, transparency, and accountability. We take responsibility for our operations, manage risks at an appropriate level to ensure a balanced return on investment or profit, and consider sharing returns with all stakeholders. Furthermore, we instill a sense of participation among all employees in combating corruption and collusion, which are important foundations for sustainable business growth.

In the social aspect

We not only prioritize the development of our employees and the internal organization but also extend our focus outward to external stakeholders, communities, and society at large. We understand the importance of coexistence as part of building a better society. We actively participate in learning and collaborative initiatives with communities through the Sustainable Development Committee to foster understanding and ensure that TMT’s business activities positively contribute to, rather than adversely impact or disrupt the normal lives of individuals, communities, and the broader society.

In the environmental aspect

We operate our business with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, prudently utilizing natural resources and prioritizing energy conservation. We have implemented solar power generation projects, including Solar Rooftop projects, covering an area of 38,225 square meters, capable of producing a total of 6.3 megawatts of electricity and expecting to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 4,500 tons per year. This demonstrates our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, TMT places great importance on managing and increasing the green space within the factory to filter air pollution
and create a good environment for both the company and the surrounding area. Also, instilling a sense of responsibility among all employees to protect and preserve natural resources. This commitment is driven by our vision for the sustainability of future generations.

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