TMT People

One of our goals is to provide everyone with a high-quality life, fostering happiness and enjoyment in their work. Through continuous development, we aim to cultivate professionalism, building knowledge and experiences together. We advocate hands-on learning, sharpening skills until expertise is achieved, to consistently deliver the utmost value to every business.

Like a Life at TMT

TMT Canteen

We have…the TMT Canteen for enjoying meals through a cozy atmosphere and air conditioning powered by energy from our solar roof.

TMT Sports

We utilize…the TMT Arena, an artificial grass field, basketball court, and racetrack, to support the well-being of our employees.

TMT Green

We like….the TMT Green, the green spaces in our factory that enhance the livability and bring a touch of nature to our workplace.

TMT Knowledge Center

We love… the TMT Knowledge Center, a welcoming space for exchanging, sharing, and building knowledge for everyone.

“Build up TMT DNA and Future Skills to Grow Up Together”

TMT People Say

At TMT, numerous opportunities await, and our team members are not only friendly but also supportive, creating an environment that reassures me that choosing to work here was the right decision.
If you’re seeking a life change, don’t focus on the size of your problems but focus on your potential. At TMT, the freedom to learn knows no bounds. The more you learn, the more curiosity grows, leading to endless exploration. Grateful for TMT’s support.
As someone passionate about learning and fully committed to every task, I’ve seized valuable opportunities at TMT. This journey has transformed a former trainee into a potential supervisor.