TMT Vision and Mission


Providing structure of your imagination

This vision statement is what we believe in, and we strive every single day to live up to this commitment. To be different, we challenge ourselves at all times to come up with new creative ideas to provide better solutions to customers and to keep improving our business functions, in order to respond to the ever-changing demand.


We deliver values to steel supply chain ecosystem.

TMT Core Values

4 core values are deeply ingrained in every TMT employee, shaping our mindset, working methodologies, and overall lifestyle. These values work in unison to propel the organization toward collective success

Initiating and Creating.

Explore Ways to be Better Opening a new perspective from within ourselves to pursue improvement and seek a better path.

Striving towards the goal.

Drive to Succeed Committed to achieving success collaboratively.

Collaborating together.

Collaborate for achievements Coordinating to achieve the goal.

Trust and confidence.

Continuously building Trust Establishing trust and confidence.